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NUNA MAX anti-aging device review by Professor Smoot

Professor George Smoot Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

Review by Professor George Smoot

Nuna Pro Review by Professor Philippe A Liverneaux

Professor Torello Lotti President Of The World Health Academy Of Dermatology
Nuna Classic
Nuna Pro
Nuna Skin – Shirley Bouganim​

Nuna Pro – Shirley Bouganim​

Nuna Body – How to Use

Nuna Body

Nuna Review

Nuna Body – How to Use
Nuna Lux Professional Review

Nuna Review

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Nuna Lux Review by Professor Philippe A Liverneaux
Nuna Lux – Rachel R and Professor Philippe 

Nuna Lux – Rachel R

Shirley Bouganim​

Shirley Bouganim​ on TV – 13

Shirley Bouganim​ on TV – 12

Nuna on Prime Time TV

How to Change a Blade on the Wall Plug Power Adapter
Nuna Max
Nuna on TV

Nuna Skin – Real Results

Nuna Pro

See What Users Have To Say​


See what users have to say

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Global innovation in anti-aging treatments

Nobel laureate, scientists from the Technion university and clinical studies at Harvard . finally it is possible to acheieve the anti-aging results youv'e always wanted - at the comfort of home!

Anti-aging without leaving your home

After releasing the NUNA, Premier continues to surprise with the new and sophisticated NUNA-PRO, which allows for quick and effective anti-aging home treatments for even and beautiful facial skin.

Keeping Promises: Forget the needles and surgeries

Get to know the best anti-aging device whose technological effectiveness has been proven in Harvard… 10 minutes of home treatment, and you will see the change in your skin – both in appearance and in feeling.