Crow’s Feet Wrinkles

Crows-feet wrinkles are small wrinkles formed on the side of the eyes which resemble the crow’s feet in shape. These wrinkles are typically caused due to loss of elasticity to the skin and active eye muscles. Nuna is suitable for treating crows’ feet, our light-based technology is gentle and effective. The Nuna’s applicator tip was perfectly designed also to treat the very delicate area on the sides of your eyes by helping with the regenerating collagen and elastin in the dermis layer. Always read the user’s manual prior to use.


Almost three decades of experience with elite materials, scientists and countless excellence awards and worldwide recognition enabled us to proudly present our masterpiece – NUNA SKIN.


At-home anti-aging medical device that delivers immediate and long-term anti-aging results on most skin impurities: wrinkles, expression lines, discoloration, enlarged pores and more.


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