Expression Wrinkles

Our face in in constant movement, our facial muscles help to express our emotions, such as joy, sadness, anger, doubt, and disbelief. Over time, these repeated expressions wrinkles known as expression wrinkles. That’s why expression lines often appear on the forehead, bottom of the nose and in the corners of the mouth.

Nuna’s medical devices light-based treatments assist is reducing the appearance of expression lines by regenerating collagen and elastin in the dermis layer.


Almost three decades of experience with elite materials, scientists and countless excellence awards and worldwide recognition enabled us to proudly present our masterpiece – NUNA SKIN.


At-home anti-aging medical device that delivers immediate and long-term anti-aging results on most skin impurities: wrinkles, expression lines, discoloration, enlarged pores and more.


Our most advanced creation, NUNA MAX, a powerful facial treatment, a quick, easy, safe device that can be combined with skin care to rejuvenate the skin in just a few minutes and can be done at home any time.