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by Kathy Beatrice on Nuna
It Performs well at the comfort of my home!

I used to book for spa treatments but after I changed my career, this became quite tough for me because of lack of time. My sister informed me about NUNA device and how I can use it at the comfort of my home. Since I started using the device, I no longer see the needs of going for those time-consuming spa bookings. My skin always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after using the device and this is really what I was looking for!

by Shirley R on Nuna
Works as promised!

I have been looking for a product that would make my wrinkles less noticeable without causing pain. I decided to give NUNA Anti-Aging Medical Device a try and I’m so glad I did because it has given me amazing results. It has performed just as it promised since the wrinkles around my eyes are now greatly reduced and less noticeable.

by Nancy Williamson on Nuna
What a great product!

My husband knows that I don’t like anti-aging creams, so he surprised me with NUNA Anti-Aging Medical Device by Premier during our 20th Anniversary. I liked this medical device because it is so easy to use. I’ve been using it three times per week for the past 4 weeks and it has helped improve my skin texture.

by Carol J. on Nuna
Thanks Premier Dead Sea

I thank Premier Dead Sea for designing a product that have saved me from facial surgeries and injections. I had tried many products before because I wanted to get rid off my annoying wrinkles. After the products failed me, I said enough is enough and started planning of getting Injections or facial surgery. My dermatologist convinced me to try NUNA medical anti-aging device before going for the painful procedures. I’m happy that I did! My wrinkles are now fading away!

by Ruth F. on Nuna
Can’t stop using it!

I have used NUNA medical anti-aging device for one month now and the results are very encouraging. I have therefore cleared all the unnecessary creams and serums which were not giving results from my closet since spots and wrinkles on my face have now reduced. I’m now completely hooked to this device and I can’t stop using it.

by Margaret Barker on Nuna
Improved my skin appearance in a record 2 weeks!

Before using the NUNA medical device, I had DISTURBING pigmentations on my skin that was extremely annoying. After I started using this medical device, I started seeing a remarkable change on my skin. My pigmentations have started fading away. I must say that this is a great product.

by Rebecca M. on Nuna
My skin is now smother

I have a very sensitive skin and I hesitated using this product with fear that it would irritate my sensitive skin. I was surprised that NUNA anti-aging device have been so gentle and comfortable to use on my skin. It doesn’t have any side effects. After treating my skin for 5 weeks now, my skin texture and tone have greatly improved and my skin is now very smooth.

by Liz M. on Nuna
Reduced my under the eye bags

I personally recommend NUNA ANTI-AGING MEDICAL DEVICE to any aging lady who is searching for an effective solution to age-related skin imperfections. The device helped me lessen wrinkles under my eyes which looked like bags. I now look 20 years younger!

by Julie Jack on Nuna
Obsessed with this Device

When I heard about NUNA anti-aging device, I hesitated buying it because I found it to be a bit costly. I decided to try it after reading reviews about the device here and I am so glad that I did. My skin have now improved in the appearance and I must say that this device is worth it!

by Doreen Mark on Nuna
Awesome Product

I got so worried after I turned 65 years old since my skin was changing so rapidly. I tried so many medical devices to reverse this issue but none seemed to work. My brother bought this device as a gift during my 67th birthday and I’m glad that the signs of aging are now fading away. Thanks Premier Dead Sea for designing NUNA device.

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